Looking for some of the finest artisan products from all over the world all in one place? Look no further than our Gourmet Collection. We scour the globe to bring you only the very best of the best. High quality ingredients, respect for tradition and a focus on craftsmanship above all else means each of these products will provide you with a taste experience so profound that you will never willingly go back to anything less!

Edmund Fallot Dijon Mustard

Leonardi Saba
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Acetaia Leonardi Saba

Saba is a natural sweetener obtained from simmering Trebbiano and Lambrusco grape must in copper kettles for 24 hours. It is the same grape must used as the base of Balsamic Vinegar, except it is cooked down even more to deeply concentrate the grape sugars. Aged in chestnut and oak barrels for up to 4 years and with notes of ripe grapes, sweet plums and raisins, Saba has a wonderful fruity character. 

Top cheese, shaved ice, ice cream or fresh fruit. Sweeten breads and cookies. Drizzle over bean dishes or polenta. Use it over ricotta or yogurt instead of honey. Replace sugar in tomato sauce. Drizzle over cheesecake. Glaze grilled meat or use as a base for marinades. 

8.45 oz Bottle

BC Pasta
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Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta

Founded in 1918, Benedetto Calvalieri continues the family tradition of making pasta according to the time-honored "Delicate method." Using only the highest-quality, freshly milled hard durum wheat (also known as semolina), the process involves long kneading by experienced hands. Every shape of pasta requires a unique blend of semolina flour and water. Secondly, the dough slowly passes through special bronze dies designed to create each shape and give the pasta a rough-textured surface to which sauce clings rather than slipping off. Lastly, after shaping, the pasta is allowed to dry in antique ovens and rest at low temperatures (from 24 to 40 hours depending on the pasta's shape and thickness). Slow drying at low temperatures retains more of the nutty flavor and aroma of durum wheat. Pure, delicious and versatile, Benedetto Cavalieri is one of the top old-world artisanal pasta makers!

1.1 lb Bag

Ingredients: Durum Wheat Semolina, Water

Wise Guys Sauce
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Wise Guys Marinara Sauce

Wise Guys is one of the best marinara sauces we've ever tasted.  

It's as good as homemade but saves you all the hard work. 

Just don't get caught passing it off as Mama's! 

25 oz Jar

Ingredients: Tomatoes (Vine Ripened Fresh Tomatoes), Calcium Chloride, Citric Acid, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fresh Garlic, Fresh Basil, Salt, Pepper

Italian Olives
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Italian Olives

Our Cerignola olives come from the town of Cerignola in Puglia. They are plump, meaty and pleasantly piquant. Mild & earthy with the perfect balance of salty & sweet, these olives are just about perfect.

Our Country Mix is a blend of assorted colors of Cerignola olives from Puglia. They are packed in a Calabrian chili pepper oil, making them the perfect complement to a glass of wine or cocktail! 

Our Gaeta olives come from the town of Gaeta, south of Rome in Lazio. These oval olives with dark violet flesh are famous for their uniquely tart to salty flavor and meaty texture. 

Our Castelvetrano olives come from Sicily. Their bright green color and meaty texture make them wildly popular in Italy. They are buttery and rich with a delectably mild, nuanced flavor.  

Each variety comes in a 1 lb Vacuum Sealed Bag

Click the product photo to see each variety

Silva Spanish Olives
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Silva Spanish Olives

Sevillano Queen Olives from historic olive groves in Southern Spain are handpicked for their full juicy flavor, succulence, and firm texture.


They are then hand stuffed to further seduce your senses and create an irresistible mouth watering treat!


Select from Blue Cheese, Almond, Red Pepper, Manchego Cheese, Vermouth Filling or Garlic

13.35 oz Jar