Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The quality standard at Savor the Olive represents the highest quality standard for Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world, exceeding all existing Italian, Spanish, Greek, or Californian quality standards, as well as International Olive Council (IOC), Australian Olive Association (AOA) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) quality standards.

How does Savor the Olive's quality standard stand up to the current international high quality standards? 

It is important to remember that Extra Virgin by definition is the highest quality standard for olive oil. However, it's a two part process before an oil can actually be labeled Extra Virgin.

First, an oil must pass an internationally accepted chemical analysis performed in a laboratory to be labeled Extra Virgin. At Savor the Olive, we beat every single internationally accepted chemical standard by a wide margin. It's really no contest here. 

Chemical Analysis Comparison:

Please click here to read more about what these chemical parameters actually indicate about EVOO quality. 

Second, an oil must pass a taste analysis by an internationally accredited tasting panel where it must be judged free of all taste defects. At Savor the Olive, we take it a step further. Not only must an oil be judged free of all taste defects, but it must also receive minimum sensory evaluation scores in the positive taste attribute categories of FruitinessBitterness and Pungency

Taste Analysis Comparison:

You've probably never seen any taste analysis or chemical analysis statistics listed on the label of an olive oil you've purchased. That's because the overwhelming majority of the oils labeled as Extra Virgin in the United States have never been subjected to either type of test. Putting the implications of widespread and blatant fraud aside, at a minimum this means that very high percentage of olive oils lining the shelves of grocery stores, food markets and specialty food stores in the United States should not be labeled or sold as Extra Virgin.  

By objectively measuring an olive oil's chemistry, freshness and taste, Savor the Olive establishes a criteria that rewards olive oil consumers as well as olive oil producers. Consumers are rewarded with the best tasting most healthful olive oils being produced, and the best producers are rewarded with a greater demand for the highest quality, most healthful olive oils.